I've been using wikis with a collaborative action research group for about 4 months now, and we've really enjoyed the experience. There were definitely some challenges, but as we work through them, we gain insight and talk about ways to use this with students. I'd invite you to take a look at my space: http://goal3tech.wikispaces.com. You are welcome to read all the pages and post comments (if you are a registered user), but I have the pages protected so only members of our group can edit pages. I'd love to hear your comments. This is a new technology, but I think it holds a lot of potential. Helen--K-12 Instructional Technology Consultant

I simply exported this from blogger. This might be very cool...Thoughts???

Pretty cool stuff ... I'm assuming there's a non-adsupported version?
Slick integration at the least.
And I guess it would be neat to see if there are levels of control over authorship, or at the very least, a log to see who is writing what ... so I don't have to write "alec wrote this". :-)

To be honest Alec, I'm not sure. It simply lists you as a guest. However, I could change the permissions to members only. The paid version allows for complete privacy in terms of viewing as well.

I was checking my wikis and noticed that you exported the above section from one of my spaces. I thought it was pretty cool that it showed that you had exported from there. We've had some challenges with this technology, but it's also pretty cool. I would definitely recommend having your users register and then inviting them to join the space. This has worked better for us, and when changes are made, you can put a name to the change. Now, the change shows in the "recent changes" list, but not on the actual page. You would have to put "alec writes..." :-) However, as users register, you can also add them as "owners" or "editors" of the spaces.

I also heard recently that if you are K-12 education, you can have ad-free spaces for free. I'm trying to research how to modify my existing pages to make them ad-free, but I think this really opens up this technology for educators. Good luck! Helen

The following was originally published December 16, 2005 at http://shareski.blogspot.comThis might be interesting.

I haven't used wikis alot but mostly because it requires collaboration and some training. I did a workshop on wikis a while back and showed folks wikispaces. It seemed to offer the standard tools and was fairly intuitive. Now they've added blogger and typepad integration. So I'm following the instructions to export this entry.

  1. First, make sure you have integrated your blog on Wikispaces as described above.
  2. When creating a blog entry, put the following text at the bottom of your post: [ [wiki:spacename:pagename] ] e.g. [ [wiki:adam:politics] ]
  3. Post the blog entry
  4. Within half an hour you'll see one or two things happen
    1. The blog post will be appended to the wiki page you specified
    2. If you're on blogger, the text you entered will be converted into a nice looking Wikispaces reference with the Wikispaces logo and the text "This entry is linked to a Wikispaces page" and some other detail
Okay so instead of a comment, go to the wiki and play around.

Update: The above link may not be active. I checked with wikispaces.com and they responded with this message:

Blogger made some changes to their API
system today so imports are off since this morning. We're looking at it
now and hope to have it up shortly. I'll ping you when it's back.