What is a blog?

  • A blog or weblog is a website that is:

    • updated regularly
    • places content in reverse chronological order
    • subscribeable
    • requires no knowledge of html
    • one click publishing
    • comments provide for interaction

Why should I care?

  • Opportunity to build relationship and connection with:

    • students, parents, other teachers, etc...
  • Archived entries make permanent record of content

  • Perfect way to model writing and communication

How do I start?

  • Determine your purpose:

    • information only
    • collection of links
    • reflective practice
    • extension of the classroom
  • Post regularly. Not only for your readers benefit but for yours.

  • Let others know about your blog.

  • Services:

Classroom Blog Examples


Middle School

High School

Team/Group Blogs


Other resources

Best Blogs for classroom teachers:

  • Weblogg-ed (Will Richardson is former teacher from New Jersey who advocates for changes in education)
  • Ewan Mcintosh (Ewan works for East Lothian Schools in Scotland...innovative thinker)
  • Clarence Fisher (Clarence is a middle years teacher in northern Manitoba who shares great insights from his classroom)
  • Darren Kuropatwa (Darren teaches high school math and is constantly looking for new ways to engage students)
  • Jeff Utecht (Jeff teaches at an American School in Shanghai and shares his ideas on learning 2.0)
  • Teach and Learn (Konrad Glogowski is a middle years teacher in Toronto who is passionate about his students creating connections...deep thinker)
  • Speed of Creativity (Wes Fyer is an education advocate for AT&T. He is a prolific blogger with oodles of great stuff)
  • Edu Blog Insights (Anne Davis works at the university level but also has many projects with elementary schools)
  • 2 Cents(David Warlick is a renowned speaker who writes about a changing landscape and searches to tell new stories of learning)
  • Cool Cat Teacher (Vicki Davis is a middle school/high school teacher who has her students involved in many projects)>
  • Learning Now (Andy Carvin writes on education for PBS)
  • Ideas and Thoughts (shameless promotion)
  • My family blog (just to show another use for blogs)

Tips on Growing Your Readership

  • Lots of Links. Others come to you because you link to them.
  • Feature stories about other's postings.
  • Comment as more than you post.
  • Be vulnerable and honest. Be interesting.
  • Write regularly. Keep them coming back for more.