Setting Up Google Reader

  1. Sign up for a free gmail account
  2. Click on the reader link and away you go.

Adding Feeds

  1. Begin by adding the Google Subscribe button
    • Click on Settings....Goodies...drag the link to your toolbar or right click and "Add to Favorites" in Internet Explorer
  2. When browsing news sites, blogs or other webpages, look for the orange RSS button or Xml buttonexternal image rss32.gif
  3. Add to a folder to keep organized
  4. You can also search for feeds within GR by clicking "Add Subscription". You can either paste or type the exact feed URL or do a search. Google reader will retrieve a list of possible feeds that match your search

Saving Articles

  1. If you want to keep an article or post, simply click the "Add star" link at the bottom of the post
  2. These articles are now all saved in your Starred Items section

Sharing Articles

  1. Clicking the Share Item link at the bottom of an article or post creates a separate webpage for all you shared items.
  2. Ideas for using the Shared Items feature
    • Share this on your weblog
    • Post this webpage for a certain group or class
    • Tag posts and share these articles (you can have multiple shared items)