My name is Christianne Chevrier. I am responsible for the new French Immersion preschool program at Ecole Ross School in Moose Jaw. Although a pre-Kindergarten PLC group exists, I would like to form a seperate PLC group for new preschool teachers. I would like to discuss recommended resources, classroom and behaviour management startegies, classroom environment, centers, etc. My e-mail address is

Friday's afternoon PLC Meeting. I invite you to come to Avonlea School, 45 miles southeast of Moose Jaw. We could likely tackle E.L.A. or Math in the afternoon. Briercrest, Rouleau, Crane Valley, Bengough, or MJ are all within a reasonable distance. Call Denise Dombowsky at 868-2000 if this is something you'd like to do. Thanks. Hope to hear from you soon. My e-mail address is

Is anyone interested in forming a PLC to develop ideas and strategies for using Math Makes Sense in a multi-grade classroom? There are many teachers looking to create a Professional Learning Community outside their school building. Please post your name, subject or grade level you'd be interested in to form a PLC. (Keep in mind travel as well as group size. 3-6 is the ideal size for a PLC)
It will be up to each of you to contact others if you feel there's a suitable match.

  • I am struggling with this new program in my grade 3-4 classroom because I am unfamiliar with it and it seems to be very teacher-directed. If you have used Math Makes Sense in the past and you are able to share your ideas or if you are looking for assistance, too, please let me know. My name is Betty Ray and I teach at Mossbank School.

  • My name is Kevin Yeske and I teach at Lindale School. I am interested in finding some fellow middle years teachers that would be interested in doing some PLC work in the science area...specifically the grade 7 science as this is what I am teaching this year. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested.Okay...How about in the area of Middle Years Phys Ed?

  • My name is Sherry Saxton-Richards, I teach k-4 Physical Education in Assiniboia. I am interested in joining a k-5 PLC for Physical Education. I do not mind travelling because I want to connect with interested others. Let me know.

  • Invitation to form ELA 9-12 teams; Caronport High School:

After consultation with our English department members, we have decided that we would like to pursue some PLC meetings with fellow ELA teachers for half of the day on October 6. As a school, we have already developed a scope and sequence approach to our ELA program, but we would very much like to meet in grade/course-based teams with your staff, if you're interested. Ideally, we would like to have our English 9 teachers meet with other English 9 teachers, and so forth, for the morning session; we would then return to our own English department for the afternoon session for debriefing. We understand that teachers may have mixed teaching loads so that we will need to be flexible with regard to developing the "teams".
In the context of these meetings, we would like to address three specific issues:
1) methods of evaluating the listening and viewing strands
2) methods of promoting writing development and growth through assessment
3) methods of teaching and assessing the close reading of texts for the purpose of literary interpretation
Our goal is for each of our CHS teachers to then return to our own department to share three strategies regarding the above issues.
If you are interested in pursuing this type of discussion, please feel free to contact me to make arrangements. We would be happy to host the event if that would be helpful.
Deb. Ike
Deborah Ike
English/French Dep't Head,
Caronport High School
510 College Drive
Caronport, SK
S0H 0S0

  • Hello! This is Darryl Ludwig from Glentworth looking for someone to do a middle-years math / technology PLC with. I'm thinking of collecting/creating resources that challenge kids and get fired up over math (not that a textbook doesn't ;-) )Since distance is an issue way down here, email will be the way to go for me.
Thank-you for your consideration,