Let's not forget how important images are in creating meaning and expressing ideas.

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What is Flickr?

A photo sharing site that goes beyond the basics.

It can:
  • store photos (upload up to 20MB per month)
  • share photos (send invitations)
  • tag photos (for easy finding and sharing)
  • add notes to your photos
  • add and receive comments
  • create sets or albums (limit of 3 with the free version)
  • creates multiple versions (great for use on websites and blogs)
  • upload:
    • from your computer
    • from your cameraphone
    • to your blog
  • provide access to other's photos
  • set privacy levels to your photos
  • assign who has access to your photos
  • join or create groups
  • create RSS feeds

Getting started with Flickr
  • Create an account with Flickr
  • Upload photos
    • download the Flickr uploader tool for use on your home computer...adds a "right click" feature to any image to upload directly to your account
  • Tag images
  • Set privacy
  • Add notes
  • Invite others

Flickr hacks

Because Flickr is an open source program, others have written some very neat add-ons or extensions to flickr. Some are useful and others are just fun. Thanks to Steve Dembo for his and podcast on these great tools.

  • My Flickr Account: All 1500+ of my own personal photos. Feel free to leave comments!
  • Flagrant Disregard Create a mulititude of posters, billboards and more...very cool
  • Flickr Postcard Browser: An interesting way to look up specific tags. It may not be a ‘deep’ site, but it’s a nice layout for searching through tags.
  • Spell with Flickr: I love this one. Spells out words of your choice by using photos tagged with specific letters. Great for building logos as well! Alan has a script that will load up different images each time someone visits your site.
  • Flickr Related Tag Browser: This one is fantastic. A visual way to see photos that match a tag, but it also puts related tags in a ring around it. Cool and useful.
  • FlickrGraph: One of the best Flickr extensions out there. I had trouble getting it to work with Firefox though. Visually shows how social networks are built. It’s really amazing. If you only check out one of these sites, check this one out.
  • Mappr: Organizes recently uploaded photos by location. So photos taken in Chicago will be put over Chicago on the map.
  • Flickr Replacer: I had trouble coming up with the word during the podcast, but this is perfect for creating a rebus! It’s a bookmarklet, and if you highlight a word and click on it, a picture will be substituted for the words.
  • The Great Flickr Tools Collection: This post has a bazillion Flickr tips and tricks. I think I covered most of the good ones, but if you’re starting to et into Flickr, then this is a great site to visit. Way more extensive than what I have here!

Other ways to use photos: