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RSS is the glue that keeps your social software together and also injects the power into its use.

What is RSS?

  • Really Simple Syndication
  • uses xml code to create and subscribe to content

Sounds geeky and boring why should I care?

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  • Helps manage information...
    • Allows you to utilize a news reader to subscribe to weblogs, news media, searches, and other rss enable web content
    • Makes your web experience more focused and richer
  • Saves time...
    • Instead of visiting all your favourite sources, you go to one place
    • News readers summarize content to make it easy to decide if you want to read it or discard it
Howard Rheingold on building Intelligent Dashboards

Okay maybe, but how do I use it?

Besides subscribing to blogs, what is your favourite use of RSS?

job postings
delicious links
Google Alerts for my school
Favorite twitter feeds I don't want to miss
Forum Discussions
Inspiration for blog posts
News & reviews on new products, both tech & non-tech: shopping!
Following changes to shared documents in Google Docs
Monitoring student contributions to wikis projects and Voicethread conversations .
Flickr pictures
Google Alert for my name
Comments left on blogs, photostreams, etc.
Favorite cartoonists
wiki updates
ebay items
travel plans (tripit)
Facebook Updates
To Do lists

Other formats or aggregators

Fast Flip
Twitter Newspaper|
Netvibe example
PageFlake Example

Now you've got me interested, where can I find out more?