Social Bookmarking

Instead of Saving bookmarks in your browser, save them online, tag them,subscribe to them and share the work.

Introduction to (it may take a while to load)
A more than tasty little tool:
  1. all online, anytime anywhere access
  2. tagging
  3. A [["http:|]] idea!
  4. Feed me more .... (on to RSS)

Let's take a look at my [["http:|]] archive.

How to sign up:external image deliciousreg.jpg

  1. Go to and fill in the info in the top right corner
  2. Type in the "word verification" you'll see on screen
  3. Install your buttons (drag and drop; tutorial on site)

For more info on getting started with download David Muir's guide. (David is a teacher educator in Scotland.)
This screencast by Jon Udell illustrates how works and provides some insight into tagging and the way the semantic web works.

Furl (stands for "file url") 4 steps beyond saving a bookmark:

  1. all online, anytime anywhere access
  2. personal web
  3. recomendations
  4. furlmates

Let's take a look at my furl archive and I'll show you around.

How to sign up:

  1. Go to and click on external image furlcreate.gif
  2. Fill in the form, make sure you copy the "funny" characters and click on the two check boxes at the bottom.
  3. Check your email for the account validation message, and click the link to activate your account.
  4. Get the Furl Toolbar or browser button. (Instructions for this are on the site.)

For more info on getting started with furl download Jim Wenzloff's guide to furl. (Jim is a teacher educator in Michigan.)
Here's a screencast on using Furl.

Using Social Bookmarking for Critical Thinking in Education

  • Shared references for students in course (the world(?) contributes)
  • Shared/recommended links list for staff in a school/course
  • School wide shared resources using common tags
  • ... and Oh, the Places You'll Go! when you learn RSS ...