This wiki is designed for our IT dept and school based reps to build on ideas and create understanding.

Agenda for Sept.22nd (this represents some of the items, please add or edit any items)

1. Video Education Today and Tomorrow
2. Introductions and Overview
  • IT Dept
  • School Reps
  • Tech Overview PPT
* Goals for the day
    • Sharing of information
    • Initiative dicussions
    • Gathering feedback
    • Developing Community...looking at future dates and meeting options.

3. IT Items
  • student email
  • staff email (policy for things like "Group Mail" send outs)
  • login accounts for subs
  • school websites
  • staff/student websites
  • base images
  • SIRS updates
  • Navision updates
  • Software
    • Word & Excel - Full menus & toolbars on two lines make it easier for students to learn the software
  • Bulletin Boards or Classifieds
  • IT Newsletter
  • Student desktop
    • easy access to My Computer (mapped drives) - Desktop icons? Quicklaunch? My Computer toolbar?
  • System & hidden files should be hidden, file extensions should be visible

5. Discussion Items:

What are the Professional Development needs for yourselves and your staff?
What do you see your role being as a school tech supporter?
What would you like to see of the IT department?
What would you like to see from the Curriculum Consultants?
Content Filtering

This is a highly controversial topic with diverse opinions. The IT committee will be key in recommending policy for Prairie South. Here are a couple of articles that provide some background.
From Wikipedia
6. What if Video

Other information
Base Image for our computers:
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Audacity
wiki for desknow and other issues. password protected
identify which school division you'll need your password reset for