SA73 We All Scream for Ustream: An Introduction to Video Streaming in Education
Presenter Dean Shareski
Prairie South School Division
DescriptionAny classroom lesson can be an episode in your own online show! makes it easy for teachers to stream video onto the web using any computer with a webcam. Create your free account in minutes and learn tricks, like how to share your desktop. Then discover how streaming video can create a permeable classroom by connecting your students with peers and experts around the globe. Participants must be able to check their e-mail on the web in order to participate.


  • Welcome (5 minutes)
  • Check in....where are we at? (10-15 minutes)
  • Why streaming? Why video? (30 minutes)
  • Let's Get Started (30 minutes)
  • Exploring Existing Content (30 minutes)
  • Planning for the Future (20 minutes)
  • Slick Tips and Tricks (30 minutes)
  • Reflection (15 minutes)

Check in Survey



Streaming Examples:

Tips and Tricks: