Creating your Web 2.0 Classroom

What is Web 2.0?

(I didn't even know there was a 1.0)

Why consider it for my classroom?

  • Saves time (it takes time to set up)
  • Provides relevant,effective learning....audience/networking/learning
  • New opportunity for interaction
  • Improved behavior
  • Makes teaching more rewarding

The 10 Essential Skills

Explore and Participate

1. Browser tabbing vs windowing
2. Bookmarking
3. Signing up to a Web 2.0 tool Youtube or VoiceThread
4. Commenting on content

Deconstruct and Reconstruct

5. Cutting and Pasting using the keyboard short cuts immediately empowers users to think in terms of efficient, productive and creative ways to move content around the web and gets teachers thinking in terms of students reconstructing and reconstructing information.
6. Emphasis and alignment using font size, bold and alignment immediately lets users organize their information and gives their posts and reconstructed information simple but vital information design structure.
7. Using images (Creative Commons)

Connect and Create

8. Explaining and applying linking lets users begin the process of making simple systems and applying the web “edit” to their work.
9. Slideshowing using a popular image uploading site lets users apply the image basics in a more dynamic way and lets users build engaging content quickly.
10 Embedding video or other content shows users the possibilities of using dynamic content and is a stepping stone to the rich processes of web 2.0.